Entrance/Exit Gate

Local Bus

Entrance and Exit (Separate)
Local Bus

Express / Highway Buses

Entrance and Exit (Same)
Express / Highway Buses

Guide Display Board of a Bus

How to get off the bus?


When the bus stop name of your destination is announced or indicated on the displayed at the front of the bus, please press this button which is in front of your seat or on handrails or left/right side.

Basically, the bus doesn’t stop at your destination, if you don’t press the button. So, be careful and press the button when you want to get of the bus at your destination. 

Once, the bus stop completely, then only stand from your seat for the safety purpose.  Also. don’t forget your personnel’s belongings when you leave your seat.

Press Button

Bus Fare System


The payment of the bus fare are as follows:

  • ① : Case – an adjustment ticket must necessary when the tourist get-on the bus.
  • ② : IC – Card – please touch your card here.
  • Credit card not accepted.

How to pay the bus fare?

① : Fare displayed on the screen

② : Money exchanger for 1000 Yen bill

(please ask to the driver for changing (2000/5000/10000) Yen Bill)

③ : Money exchanger for (500/100/50) Yen Coins

④ : Bus fare slot (please put the fare)

⑤ : IC card reader


The payment of the bus fare are as follows:

  • Case: An adjustment ticket must necessary
    when tourist get-off the bus, please put into ④ with fare.
  • IC – Card: Please touch your card here ⑤ .
  • Credit card not accepted.
Fare box besides to the driver seat

Amenities in Express / Highway Buses

The Highway buses have the following amenities:

  • AC
  • Toilet
  • Mobile charger socket
  • Trunk for Luggage
  • Allow Bicycle, only foldable types with cover
      (as per bus route, please check in advance) 

Generally, all the highway buses have the above amenities but, it may be differ depending on the bus route. So, please re-confirm to the diver when you will ride the bus.

Recline Seat / Trunk Box