SUNQ is a combination of 2 words (SUN + Q)
SUN stands for = Sunny (warm climate of Kyushu) Also,
San ( it is a Japanese word which mean 3 → validity of 3 days)
Q stands for = Kyushu (first 3 alphabets) 

SUNQパス 北部九州 全九州

Read loudly “SUNQ”, sounds like “Thank you” isn’t that interesting !

SUNQ PASS provides 3-days unlimited ride ticket on almost all highway and local buses as well as some ferries within Kyushu island also highway buses within Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture and the surrounding area.

The accessible routes are more then 2,000 routes, which is 99% of all buses operating within the Kyushu island.

Also it has great offers such as discount on entrance ticket, 20% OFF on rent-a-car, discounted coupons for our many partner shops. There are various types of SUNQ Pass.
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Table of available major route

Waku-Waku 1 Day Pass​

Wakuwaku is a combination of two words (Waku + Waku) which mean Exciting!
Wakuwaku 1 day Pass is a convenient way to travel in Kumamoto City. The Pass provides unlimited rides on multiple local buses/trains/tram, valid for 1 day. You can ride Sanko Bus, Toshi Bus, Tram, Dentetsu Bus, Shiromegurin and Dentetsu Train.
As per the route, Wakuwaku Pass is divided into 3 categories and the price are differs:
* 1 Day area Pass① @ 700 Yen / Adult
* 1 Day area Pass② @ 900 Yen / Adult
* 1 Day Prefecture Pass @ 2,000 Yen/ Adult
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Waku-Waku 1 Day Pass