Ticket reservation starts before 2  months of the date of departure.

You can book your bus ticket online. And for that you need to visit
※We do not accept reservation requests through email.

You can book your bus ticket through phone. You just have to call on this phone no. 096-325-0100 .
Please note that if you are calling from some other country then you need to add our country code i.e. (+81).
Moreover, you are supposed to be ready with your ID proof as well as Credit card details, before you make the call.

We do not accept reservation requests by email.

Please do an additional reservation while changing the number of people. Please contact us if you wish to sit together.
※Your request may not be accepted depending on the seat availability at that time.

When you book online, after the booking you will receive a confirmation email. If you are our member then you can log-in on my page and check the status.

The total number of seats in our bus is (30-40), so you can book only (10) seats on specified time duration.

Cancellation & Refunds

Any changes will not be accepted after the reservation deadline.

It depends on the bus route.
Changes or Cancellation for routes such as…
Nagasaki, Kagoshima can be done on the same day of departure (but, at least 1 hour before of the bus departure)
Changes or cancellation for routes such as…
Yamabiko-Go (for Oita), KyushuOdan Bus (for KurokawaOnsen, Yufin, Beppu) please contact us at least one day before of the departure date.

If the ticket had been booked online, then the cancellation of that ticket will be done online only.
The cancellation fee will also be charged. Please check your reservation history on ‘My Page’ and cancel the reservation.
※ Online booked ticket cannot be cancelled through phone or on the ticket counter.

The refund of the cancellation will be delivered by your Credit Card Company.
The payment due date may vary depending on your Credit Card Company.
※ The cancellation fee will be applicable.

Kyushu Sanko Bus provides 100% refund if the Kyushu Sanko bus is cancelled due to natural disasters. In other cases, no refund will be provided.


There are 2 ways for the payment;
① Online payments: Payments applicable by Credits Cards only.
② Payment at ticket counter: We accept Cash as well as Credit Card at the ticket counter.


The Highway buses have the following amenities.
・Mobile charger socket
・Trunk for Luggage
・Allow Bicycle (as per bus route, please check in advance)
Generally all the highway buses have the above amenities but, it may be differ depending on the bus route. So, please re-confirm to the diver when you will ride the bus.

Wi-Fi facility depends on the bus route. The manual "how to connect" is placed into net pocket of each seat. 

Generally all the highway buses have “Toilet” but, it may be change depending on the bus route. So, please re-confirm to the diver when you will ride the bus.


General Information

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all the buses.

But please make sure that your mobile is on “Silent mode” and refrain from picking up calls in the bus.

In case of losing any of your belongings in the bus, contact your respective bus operator.

The Kyushu Sanko “Limousine Airport Buses” are logo of “Kyu San Ko” on the side.


Please bring only one luggage per passenger for trunk room. Also put name tags on your luggage and belongings to avoid losing them.
※Passengers are requested to handle loading and unloading of their luggage on their own from the trunk room.

It depends on their size. We will accept bicycle if it is foldable and can fit in a bag. Also, we will accept musical instruments as long as it fits inside the trunk. Some items may not be allowed due to the size. However, we are not responsible for any damages to your items.

No animals are allowed on board.
However, operators do allow trained service animals that help disabled customers perform necessary activities. So, please ask to drivers, if the animal is required because of a disability and what type of work or task the animal has been trained to perform.

Fare Policy

General fare policy
Baby: Under 1 year old (Free)
Infant: 1 – 6 years (Free for 1 infant; from 2nd infant the child fare is charged)
Child: 6 – 12 years old (Half-price of adult ticket)
Adult: Over 12years old (Full price ticket)
Seat policy for child & infant
All the passengers are required to fasten their seatbelt for safety reasons. Therefore, for safety reasons child are not allowed to sit on your lap except infants.
Bus delayed or suspended
Please be aware in advance if the buses are delayed due to traffic or weather conditions.

Bus Time-tables

Please see the time table of Highway Buses Click

Bus Pass and Promotional discount

Please check our today’s deal in our website.

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Please visit CLICK.. 

SUNQ Pass has their own website along with FAQ, So, please visit SUNQ Pass website.

Still have questions?
Please feel free to contact us.